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Summer Research Posters

CCM offers students at all levels (high school to graduate students) internship opportunities at the University’s Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory. Students work under the guidance of CCM staff and/or affiliated faculty as members of multidisciplinary teams, addressing problems on a variety of research topics. Research areas span all aspect of composite materials, from basic materials research, design, manufacturing, characterization and evaluation, and additive manufacturing. Below are the research posters presented by our interns at the Summer Research Symposium.

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2021 Summer Research Posters

Poster Title Authors
Extensional Viscosity of Highly Aligned Discontinuous Fiber ‘TuFF’ Composites in Stretch Forming Processes Henry Fidlow (BME), Dr. Thomas A Cender, Dr. Pavel Simacek, Prof. Suresh G. Advani.
Closed Loop Recycling of CFRP Into Highly Aligned, High Performance Short Fiber Composites Using the ‘TuFF’ Process: Fiber Recovery Through Pyrolysis Neel Kher (BChE), Uday Kiran Balaga (MSME), Dr. Dirk Heider, Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel,
Dr. Steve Sauerbrunn
Automation in Composite Research Nicholas Sobocinski (BME), Dr. Dirk Heider
The Process of Measuring and Interpreting Areal Weight Alexandra McWatters (H.S.), Alex Vanarelli, Dr. Dirk Heider
Evaluation of Surface Wettability of Thin Silane Coated Glass Fibers James Tallman (BMSE), Dylan Huang (BChE), Joshua Yu (BChE),
Mr. Munetaka Kubota (MSME/MBA), Dr. Steve Sauerbrunn, Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Manufacturing of Custom Carbon Fiber Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFO) Austin Barry (BME), Mr. Shashank Sharma, Dr. Shridhar Yarlagadda
Toward Using Recycled Thermoset Plastic Material For Roadway Surface Overlays

Kenneth (KJ) Olsen (CE), Dr. Monique Head, Prof. Suresh G. Advani
Stabilizing ‘TuFF’ by Electrospinning Ultra Low Aerial Weight Binder Veil

Danny Thiemann (BS), Dr. Tekin Ozdemir (P.D.), Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Investigating the Influence of Environmental Conditioning on Epoxy Resin Properties at High Strain Rates

Alex Schneider (BME), Dr. Sagar M. Doshi (P.D.), Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Impact and Leak Rate Testing of Composites for Spacesuit Structures

Thomas (TJ) Kaifer (BME), Mr. Dave Roseman, Dr. Shridhar Yarlagadda
Studying the Structure-Property Relationships of Glass Systems Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations Christopher Alevrontas (BMSE), Dr. Sanjib Chowdhury, Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr.
Atomic Level Stress Analysis In Glass Fibers Tim B. Longoria (BChE), Dr. Sanjib Chowdhury, Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr.
Atomistic Analysis of Interphase and Polyethlyene Fibers Paul A. Zaloga, Jr. (BEE), Dr. Sanjib Chowdhury, Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr.
Innovative Textile-Based Functional Nano-Composites for Finger Motion Recognition

Edwin Rivera (BME), Amit Chaudhari (Ph.D.M.E.), Prof. Erik Thostenson
Stochastic Continuum Damage Modelling of Composites and Automated Data Processing

Eli Bogetti (BME), Andrew Stack (BME), Dr. Bazle Z. (Gama) Haque
Investigation of Strength and Surface Morphology of UHMW PE Fibers Extracted From Fatigued Panels Eric K. Kang (BChE), Dr. Ahmad Abu Obaid, Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Investigating The Effects Of Extreme Environmental Conditions On Peel Strength of Composite Armor With Interlayers Kyle Morris (BME), Rohan Yarlagadda (BME), Dr. Sagar M. Doshi (P.D.),
Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Tracking Glass Fiber Integrity Through A Novel Vapor-Based Silane Deposition Dylan Huang (BChE), James Tallman (BMSE), Joshua Yu (BChE),
Mr. Munetaka Kubota (MSME/MBA), Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Developing A Framework For Estimating The Material Operating Limit Of Epoxy Resins Lorrha Hitchner (BME), Dr. Sagar M. Doshi (P.D.), Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel
Additive Manufacturing of Grenade Launchable Aerial Sensor Platform Evan Battaglia (BEE), Prof. Mark Mirotznik
Material Characterization of Cold Sprayed 3D Printed Copper Parts

Jacob Robinson (BME), Cameron Pepi (BME), Mr. Larry ‘LJ’ Holmes


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