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CCM CONNECTS: Research Series

The annual Research Series comprise of monthly overviews of CCM’s research focus areas with presentations on topics ranging from composites process modeling, interface characterization, thermoplastic composites, micromechanics of composites, additive manufacturing and many more. The Research Series are free and open to the public, and speakers include graduate students, post-docs, research associates, affiliated faculty members and invited speakers from the government and industry.

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Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Shagata Das, (Ph.D.C.E.)
Graduate Student
Dr. Jovan Tatar Mechanical Behavior of UV-Cured Composite Stepped Lap Adhesive Joints
Lukas Fuessel, (Ph.D.M.E.)
Graduate Student
Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr. Influence of Deformable Roller on Steering Accuracy for Small Steering Radii
Tania Lavaggi, (Ph.D.M.E.)
Graduate Student
Prof. Suresh G. Advani Vacuum Induced Preform Relaxation for the Manufacturing of Thermoset Composites with Impermeable Interlayers
Alexander Legenstein, (Ph.D. Polymer Science)
Graduate Student, Montanuniversität Leoben
Dr. Thomas Cender Stretch-Steering of Aligned Discontiuous Fiber Tapes on Highly Curved Paths Using Automated Fiber Placement


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