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2016 Publications

Chowdhury, Sanjib C., Bazle Z. Gama Haque, and John W. Gillespie. “Molecular dynamics simulations of the structure and mechanical properties of silica glass using ReaxFF.” Journal of Materials Science 51.22 (2016): 10139-10159.
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Dai, Hongbo, Gallo Gerard J., Schumacher, Thomas Thostenson, Erik T. “A Novel Methodology for Spatial Damage Detection and Imaging Using a Distributed Carbon Nanotube-Based Composite Sensor Combined with Electrical Impedance Tomography.” Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 35.2 (2016): 1-15.
Natarajan, Bharath, Nathan D Orloff, Rana Ashkar, Sagar Doshi, Kevin Twedt, Ajay Krishnamurthy, Chelsea Davis, Aaron M Forster, Erik Thostenson, Jan Obrzut, Renu Sharma, J Alexander Liddle “Multiscale metrologies for process optimization of carbon nanotube polymer composites.” Carbon 108 (2016): 381-393.
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Shafique, A., S. Doshi, T. Schumacher, E.T. Thostenson, McConnell, J., “Novel self-sensing carbon nanotube-based composites for rehabilitation of structural steel members,” 42ND ANNUAL REVIEW OF PROGRESS IN QUANTITATIVE NONDESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION: Incorporating the 6th European-American Workshop on Reliability of NDE, v. 1706, p. 120004, 2016
Dai, H., G.J. Gallo, T. Schumacher, E.T. Thostenson, “A Novel Methodology for Spatial Damage Detection and Imaging Using a Distributed Carbon Nanotube-Based Composite Sensor Combined with Electrical Impedance Tomography”, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 35 (2), 1-15, 2016.
Haque, B. Z. (Gama), M. A. Molla, and J. W. Gillespie, Jr., “Modeling Transverse Impact on UHMWPE Soft Ballistic Sub- Laminate,” Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials
DeLuca, M., Felker C., Heider, D., Pandey, G., Abu-Obaid, A., Thostenson, E., Gillespie, J., System and methods for use in a structure, 9,329,021, May 3, 2016

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