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The University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM), the top nationally and internationally recognized research center for composite materials, is seeking a Composite Design Manager to support the development of commercial applications and the transfer of technology developed at CCM to government and industry sponsors. Read more.

Opportunities for Research and Collaboration
CCM offers a variety of opportunities for partnering and collaboration, including membership in the Industry-University Consortium; consulting with faculty and research staff; undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral research positions; facilities sharing and exchanges; undergraduate and international internships; and workshops and symposia.

Student Research
Students at all levels are active participants on interdisciplinary CCM research teams.  In addition to a solid grounding in the fundamentals of composites, students are exposed to practical insight into the solution of real-world engineering problems.  They also have the opportunity to interact with international students, faculty, and researchers from industry, government agencies, and other universities in the United States and abroad.

Non-Discrimination Policy

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