Center for Composite Materials - University of Delaware

International Internships

CCM offers self-supported international students the opportunity to work in the University’s Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory as members of multidisciplinary teams, addressing real problems on a variety of research topics, for a minimum duration of six months.

The research internship complements the theory of academic coursework with the practice of the laboratory and often paves the way for internships with industry, co-authoring of papers, and the opportunity for students to present their research at our annual Research Symposium in August.

Research areas, include:

  • Mechanical Testing
    • Coupon & Sub-Element Characterization
    • Full-Scale High-Energy 37 kJ Drop Tower
  • Materials Development
    • Fiber, Resin & Interface Evaluation
    • Chemical characterization cure behavior, dynamic properties
  • Process Development
    • Prepreg Line
    • Automated Manufacturing
    • Autoclave, Liquid Molding
    • Tape Placement, Filament Winding
    • Pultrusion, Additive
  • Design, Analysis, & Processing Modeling for Product Development

Interested applicants submit resume to Dr. Dirk Heider.

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