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Postdoctoral Research


Fu Research Group – Composite & Additive Manufacturing (CAM) Lab
• Fundamentals of physics, chemistry, and engineering
• Familiarity with Excel, Matlab or Mathematica
• Familiarity with CAD and 3D printing
• Attention to detail, meticulous at doing hands-on work in the lab

Interested applicants, send resume to Prof. Fu.

U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory

Composites Research, Engineering and Advanced Technology (CREATE) Program:
– Experience using microscopic characterization (optical microscopy, SEM, etc.), mechanical testing (tensile, compression, shear, etc.) and continuum level simulation of composite materials to
study the role that microscopic structure and damage mechanisms influence observed macroscopic properties.
– Must be in the US with valid work authorization.
– Email your resume to Apply Today

CCM is always seeking qualified postdoctoral candidates for continuing and new programs. Postdocs with expertise in any of the Center’s research areas -materials and synthesis, mechanics and design, processing science, sensing and control, performance, and multifunctional materials – are encouraged to apply at any time, email your resume to

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