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Postdoctoral Programs


Post Doctoral Programs

CCM is seeking qualified postdoctoral candidates for continuing and new programs; positions are currently available. Postdocs with expertise in any of the Center’s research areas–materials and synthesis, mechanics and design, processing science, sensing and control, performance, and multifunctional materials–are encouraged to apply at any time. In addition, the following specific areas are of current interest for ongoing or new programs:

  • Fatigue (U.S. citizens only)
  • Fatigue testing and theoretical modeling for low-cycle, high-load fatigue of thick section polymer composites including predictions of life (mechanical engineer, materials engineer, applied mechanist)
  • Induction (U.S. citizens only) theory, testing, and analysis of induction-based heating of ferromagnetic particles for bonding of polymer composites–to work as part of a larger team researching this same area (mechanical engineer, physicist, materials scientist)
  • FEA modeling (U.S. citizens only)
  • Finite element based analysis of composite structures implementing models developed at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) on residual stress development during processing of polymer matrix composites; measurement of strain using embedded sensors for correlation with models (mechanical engineer, computer scientist)
  • Interphase testing (U.S. citizens only)
  • Testing and analysis of interphase properties of polymer-matrix composites using novel testing techniques such as micro-fiber-pullout, atomic force microscopy, etc. (chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, materials scientist, physicist)
  • Epoxy cure by e-beam irradiation (U.S. citizens only)
  • Composites from renewable resources
  • VARTM processing, resin chemistry, mechanical characterization
  • Induction heating/bonding of composites
  • Flow and cure sensors (electrical engineer, materials scientist)
  • Ballistic/high-strain-rate response
  • Use of composites for infrastructure applications

Interested candidates should email a letter and resume to the attention of Robin Mack at
Note: Please include everything within the e-mail message itself (i.e., NOT as an enclosure).

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