Center for Composite Materials - University of Delaware

2013 Publications List

Bogetti, T. A., J. Staniszewski, B. P. Burns, C. P. R. Hoppel, J. W. Gillespie, Jr., and J. Tierney, “Predicting the Nonlinear Response and Progressive Failure of Composite Laminates under Tri-Axial Loading”, Journal of Composite Materials, June 2012; 46 (19-20), September 2012.
Khattra, N. S., Z. Lu, A. M. Karlsson, M. H. Santare., F. C. Busby, and T. Schmiedel, “Time-Dependent Mechanical Response of a Composite PFSA Membrane,” Journal of Power Sources,, 228, pp. 256-69, 2013.
Levy, A., D. Heider, J. J. Tierney, and J. W. Gillespie, Jr., “Inter-layer Thermal Contact Resistance Evolution with the Degree of Intimate Contact in the Processing of Thermoplastic Composite Laminates,” Journal of Composite Materials,, 2013.
Mueller, J., J. W. Gillespie, Jr., and S. Advani, “Effects of Interaction Volume on X-Ray Line-Scans Across an Ultrasonically Consolidated Aluminum/Copper Interface,” Scanning, Submitted September, 2012,
Minnicino, M. A. and M. H. Santare, “Modeling the Progressive Damage of the Microdroplet Test using Contact Surfaces with Cohesive Behavior,” Composites Science and Technology,, 72 (16) pp. 2024-31, 2012.
Bhargava, S., R. D. Lewis, M. Kubota, X. Li, S. G. Advani, J. M. Deitzel, and A. K. Prasad, “Adhesion Study of High Reflectivity of Water-based Coatings,” International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives,, 40, pp. 120-128, January 2013.
Hinton, M. J., A. S. Kaddour, S. T. Pinho, G. M. Vyas, P. Robinson, Z. M. Huang, Y. X. Zhou, A. Rotem, N. Carrere, F. Laurin, J. F. Maire, D. Zhang, L. Xu, J. Ye, Y. Huang, C. Jin, S. K. Ha, T. A. Bogetti, J. Staniszewski, B. P. Burns, C. P. R. Hoppel, J. W. Gillespie, Jr., J. Tierney, A. C. Hansen, E. E. Nelson, and D. J. Kenik, “The Second World-Wide Failure Exercise (WWFE-II): Part B: Evaluation of Theories for Predicting Failure in Polymer Composite Laminates Under 3-D States of Stress: Comparison with Experiments Preface”, Journal of Composite Materials, (Special Issue) 47 (6-7), pp. 643-652, March 2013.
Kelly, G. S., S. G. Advani, J. W. Gillespie, Jr., and T. A., Bogetti, “A Model to Characterize Acoustic Softening during Ultrasonic Consolidation,” Journal of Materials Processing Technology,, 213, pp. 1835-1845, 2013.

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