Center for Composite Materials - University of Delaware

Internships & Co-Op

CCM offers students at all levels (high school to graduate students) internship opportunities at the University’s Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory. Students will work under the guidance of CCM staff and/or affiliated faculty as members of multidisciplinary teams, addressing problems on a variety of research topics. Research areas span all aspect of composite materials, from basic materials research, design, manufacturing, characterization and evaluation, and additive manufacturing. Internship opportunities are available throughout the year and students are expected to conduct and present their research at our Research Symposiums.


CCM Undergraduate Research

CCM summer internships offer students the opportunity to work in the Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory from June through 3rd week of August. All students are invited to participate in our Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium in August. Approximately 25–30 students participate in the program each year.

Submit resume to Raija Eggert, and feel free to directly contact to discuss mutual topics of interest.

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