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Undergrad Internships

CCM offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work in the University’s Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory as members of multidisciplinary teams, addressing real problems on a variety of research topics.

The summer research complements the theory of academic coursework with the practice of the laboratory and often paves the way for internships with industry, continuation of research during the academic year, independent research, co-authoring of papers, and the opportunity for students to present their research at our annual Research Symposium in August.

Research areas, include:

  • Mechanical Testing
    • Coupon & Sub-Element Characterization
    • Full-Scale High-Energy 37 kJ Drop Tower
  • Materials Development
    • Fiber, Resin & Interface Evaluation
    • Chemical characterization cure behavior, dynamic properties
  • Process Development
    • Prepreg Line
    • Automated Manufacturing
    • Autoclave, Liquid Molding
    • Tape Placement, Filament Winding
    • Pultrusion, Additive
  • Design, Analysis, & Processing Modeling for Product Development

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