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Internships & Co-Op

The University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials (CCM) Research Internships offer unique experiences to students at all levels (high school to graduate students) to work on cutting-edge projects and learn from experts in research areas that span all aspects of composite materials, from basic materials research, design, manufacturing, characterization and evaluation, and additive manufacturing. Students work under the guidance of CCM staff and/or affiliated faculty.

CCM’s Research Internships are structured work experiences that provide practical training and hands-on learning opportunities for students. They differ from regular jobs on campus in several ways:

Educational Component: CCM’s internship complements academic studies and allow students to apply classroom knowledge in a practical setting. CCM provides guidance and mentoring from professionals and\or affiliated faculty to develop relevant skills and industry-specific knowledge.

Duration: Participating in CCM’s internships can be part-time during the academic semester and full-time during Summer and Winter, allowing students to balance their academic commitments.

Professional Development: CCM’s internships prioritize the professional growth of students, offering opportunities to build networks, develop relationships, and learn workplace norms. Students are expected to present their research at our Research Symposiums in August.


CCM summer internships offer students the opportunity to work in the Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory June through the 3rd week of August. All students are invited to participate in our Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium in August, with approximately 25–30 students participating in the program each year.

Submit resume to Raija Eggert.

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