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UD-CCM is a pioneer in university-industry partnerships and has established a premier technology transfer network to transition research accomplishments to industry. UD-CCM established its University – Industry Consortium “Application of Composite Materials to Industrial Products” in 1978. Since then, the Center has collaborated with more than 350 companies representing materials suppliers and end users in the aerospace, automotive, and durable goods industries.

  • Basic Research
    Six research thrust areas describe Center interdisciplinary research in composites. Find out more
  • Product Development
    Provide products and services to the industry using state-of-the-art computer-aided technologies and leveraging our expertise in design and product development practices. Find out more
  • Engineering Services
    Four state-of-the-art laboratories for test and evaluation of advanced materials for a wide range of environments and conditions.
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Small Business Collaborations

CCM interactions with small businesses routinely result in significant technology development and technology transfer opportunities.  More than 155 Delaware company locations benefited from information disseminated through direct interactions such as workshops, conferences, seminars, and research reviews.  Consultations  and routine use of our website and newsletters have also proven to be valuable resources.

Small businesses play a key role in accelerating the timescale to commercialize new materials using the systems approach to develop products needed, considering:

  • Design, processing, performance, manufacturing, test and evaluation, affordability
  • Interdisciplinary research unique facilities, and breadth of expertise
  • Modeling and simulation versus trial and error
  • Market need

Industry Consortium Members:

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