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CDS: Composite Design Software


The newest release of our structural design tool: CDS3.1 builds upon previous versions with integrated parametric design and analysis of composite laminates and cylinders, material ranking, and drag and drop functionality with standard spreadsheet import and export. The software consolidates UD-CCM’s current composite solid mechanics applications into a single environment that conducts effective property predictions, plate and cylinder analysis with integrated material property management, as well as thermal and process simulation, all with real time results.

The materials database structure has been updated to allow easy drag-and drop, sorting, duplication and export in multiple formats. Users can plot sorted Ashby and tabular data to easily compare and rank properties, including mechanical and physical properties, micromechanics parameters, cure kinetics, and damage and failure properties, as well as non-linear and MAT162 (LS-DYNA) properties. The user can modify properties “on the fly” and see laminate effective properties, stresses, strains, and progressive failure in real time. The new parametric design features allow users to directly compare and rank properties for multiple micromechanics or laminate solutions.

CDS3.0 is available to industrial consortium members through consortium agreements tailored to program requirements and duration of contracts. Demonstration versions of the CDS suite can be made available to potential members with training workshops at CCM. The software is PC based and can run on non-networked PC’s running Windows®.

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