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Single Element Studies

Single element tests provide a simple and straightforward understanding of the developed material models. Here presents four different types of loading conditions of single element for MAT 162. Both the input (self-explained) and out data are provided so that users can run the tests and compare the results. Users can create their own single element to test other failure modes in the MAT 162.

In-Plane Tension:

Examining tensile mode in x-direction

In-Plane Compression:

Examining compressive mode in x-direction

Through-the-thickness Compression-Shear:

Examining interaction between shear and compression through friction mechanism in yz-plane

Through-the-thickness Compression:

Examining compressive mode in z-direction

Additional Single Element Studies:

Different Loading Cases

  • Multi-Axial Stress
  • In-Plane, Inter-Laminar & Punch Shear
  • Uniaxial Strain
  • Uniaxial Stress

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