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MAT162 Example 1:
Sphere Impact on a Composite Laminate

Finite Element (FE) Model:
The FE model of a four (4) layer 80mm x 80mm x 2mm composite laminate has two parts, each part defining two layers/laminas of the 4 layers composite laminate. The two bottom layers/laminas with PART ID = 101 is assigned a material angle of zero degree by defining the parameter BETA101 = 0.00 and the same for the top part with PART ID = 102 with the parameter BETA102 = 90.00. A delamination plane is thus defined between two different PART IDs each having a different material angle defined by BETA. For example, if the parameter BETA102 is changed to zero degree, there will be no delamination plane defined in the model.

Sphere Impact of a 20mm Sphere on an 80mm x 80mm x 2mm Composite Plate

A 20mm diameter steel sphere is used as the impactor, where the initial velocity of the projectile can be changed by changing the numerical value of parameter VZ. The unit system used in this example is millimeter-tonne-second-Newton-MegaPascal.

Deformation as a Function of Time

Contour of History Variable # 7, Fiber Tension-Shear Damage Mode along A

Contour of History Variable # 8, Fiber Tension-Shear Damage Mode along B

Contour of History Variable # 9, Fiber Crush Damage Mode

Contour of History Variable # 10, In-Plane Matrix Damage Mode

Contour of History Variable # 11, Transverse Matrix Damage Mode

Contour of History Variable # 12, Delamination Damage Mode

Time History of Impact-Contact Force

This example problem can be downloaded here.

This zip folder contains the following KEWORD files. Run the first file.

In the above file lists, the file 001- is the input file, which includes all other files.

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