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2018 Spring Research Reviews


The CCM Spring Research Review series begins March 14th. This series is comprised of weekly overviews of the Center’s research focus areas. Each weekly session consists of up to four 15-minute presentations on specific topics within a designated focus area, along with a brief Q&A session. The Research Reviews, which are free and open to the public, are held every Wednesday at 11:30am in 106 CMSL through May 2018. Speakers include graduate students, post-docs, research associates, and affiliated faculty members, as well as invited speakers from Government and Industry.

Lunch is provided for attendees.

The current Research Review Presentation schedule is displayed below:

Areas: Multifunctional Composites, Materials and Synthesis, Sensing and Control

Wednesday, April 25th | 11:30am

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Albraa Jaber
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
 John W. Gillespie, Jr., Ph.D.

2D and 3D packing of Cylinders and Spheres to Optimize the Micro-Structural Quality of Prepregs

Sagar Doshi
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
Erik T. Thostenson, Ph.D. Novel Carbon Nanotube-based Sensors for Human Motion Analysis
Aris Mardirossian
Undergrad Student, Mechanical Engineering
Erik T. Thostenson, Ph.D. Mechanism of Carbon Nanotube Film Growth by Electrophoretic Deposition


Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments (MEDE)

Wednesday, April 18th | 11:30am
Chair: Nick Shevchenko, Ph.D.

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Sanjib Chowdhury
Associate Scientist
  Molecular Modeling of Fiber-Matrix Interphase
Molla Ahammad Ali
Research Technician I
  Micro Punch Shear Testing of Unidirectional Composites:
A New Test Method
Raja Ganesh
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
  Micromechanics of Tensile Failure in Unidirectional Composites
Christopher Meyer
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
  Mesomechanical Modeling of Transverse Cracks
in Woven Composites
Bazle Haque
Senior Scientist
  Micromechanical Modeling of Punch Shear Behavior
of Unidirectional Composites


Processing & Performance

Wednesday, April 11th | 11:30am
Chair: Dirk Heider, Ph.D.

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Mohamed Henchir
Graduate Student,
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dirk Heider, Ph.D. Microstructural Characterization of Composites using
Computer Tomography
Tanja Arnolds
Graduate Intern,
Institut für Textiltechnik, Germany
Dirk Heider, Ph.D. Mechanical testing of Thin Ply Panels made out of
Carbon Fiber Prepregs
Yi Geng
Graduate Intern,
Donghua University, China
Dirk Heider, Ph.D. Injection Simulation of an automotive door using HP-RTM
Verena Gargitter
Graduate Intern,
Universidade Federal de Itajubá, Brazil
Dirk Heider, Ph.D. Acid Digestion methodology for determination of
Fiber Volume Fraction


Multifunction Composites

Friday, March 23rd | 11:30am
Chair: Joseph M. Deitzel, Ph.D.

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Ricardo Mello Di Benedetto
Graduate Intern
Dirk Heider, Ph.D. Energy Absorption Study Considering Crush Test on CF/Epoxy and CF/PU Structural Composite Beams
Hao Liu
Graduate Student,  Mechanical Engineering
Erik Thostenson, Ph.D. Novel Carbon Nanotube Interlaminate Film Sensors for Damage Detection
Shafique Ahmed
Graduate Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Erik Thostenson, Ph.D. Evaluating Robustness of Fatigue Crack Monitoring Using Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor


Processing Science I

Wednesday, March 14th | 11:30am
Chair: Pavel Simacek, Ph.D.

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Pavel Simacek, Ph.D.
Research Associates III
Suresh G. Advani, Ph.D. General Approach to Consolidation: Physical Mechanisms and Their Modeling
Bamdad Barari
Postdoctoral Researcher
Suresh G. Advani, Ph.D.

Prediction of Resin Pressure that Cause Process Induced Voids in Autoclave Parts

Navid Niknafs
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
Suresh G. Advani, Ph.D.

Bubble Growth Dynamics during Processing of Sandwich Core Structures

Min-young Yun
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
Suresh G. Advani, Ph.D. Stochastic Modeling of Through the Thickness Permeability Variation in a Fabric and its Effect on Void formation during Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding

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