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NASA University Leadership Initiative (ULI) Annual Review

A team led by the UD-CCM is addressing technology barriers and education/workforce training needs in composites manufacturing that provides aerospace performance at high production rates for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and commercial air platforms.

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$3.7M Awarded from Department of Energy

UD-CCM continues as world leader in Composites Research & Manufacturing Science, awarded $3.7M, including $700k partner cost for development of innovative manufacturing technology enabling wind blade production using recycled & bio-derived materials.

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CAMX 2023

Join UD-CCM at CAMX in Atlanta. Stop by booth #J59 to learn about new research initiatives.

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Career opportunities

with internationally recognized center of excellence for interdisciplinary research, education, and technology transfer providing world-class research to both industry and government sponsors.

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CCM CONNECTS: Research Series

Next Session is October 3rd at 11:00 AM in Room 106. Check link below for more information.
Registration required.

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2023 Summer Symposium

CCM Summer Symposium not only showcased the dedication and ingenuity of our 28 interns, but also offered a glimpse into the groundbreaking research that CCM is passionately pursuing.
Embracing an assortment of disciplines and subjects, the event underscored CCM's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in pursuit of a brighter future.

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Srikanth Pilla

named Director of the University of Delaware, Center for Composite Materials.

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CCM Is Not Normal …. It’s Extraordinary!

Experience the impactful words of Prof. Steve McKnight as he captivated our audience at the 2023 Student Achievement Awards ceremony. Click "Read More" for valuable insights on excelling in life and career. Watch now and be amazed!

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U.S Air Force awards $13.5M to UD-CCM

UD researchers tackle new task in making complex material more viable for building aircraft

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iWrap Technology

internal Wound Rapid Automated Placement (iWRAP) system, delivers and places new high stiffness-strength composite multilayer feedstock inside existing legacy pipeline.
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UD-CCM and NASA Johnson Space Center

are working together to develop components of the next-generation Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) spacesuit.

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The MEDE CRA – 10 Years Toward the Future

Capstone Event Highlights Accomplishments in Materials by Design for Protective Materials
Jan 20, 2022

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Additive Manufacturing at UD-CCM

Services for our Manufacturing and Composites Industry Partners: process development and optimization, materials development & characterization, mechanical & impact testing and product design & development.

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TuFF Technology is Taking Off

This core technology to revolutionize high-speed composites manufacturing to enable the flying taxis of the future, repair our nation’s infrastructure and improve manufacturing capabilities.

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$13.6M received from Army Research Lab

Program to create new composite materials, processing & manufacturing methods and/or use existing materials & manufacturing methods in novel ways to achieve new levels of lightweight, affordable, durable & multi-functional composites

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U.S. Dept. of Energy awards UD-CCM $2.5M

UD-CCM project “Circular Economy of Composites enabled by TUFF Technology” selected to tackle challenges in plastic waste - Bio-Optimized Technologies to keep Thermoplastics out of Landfills.

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Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments Awards UD-CCM $1.9M

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UD-CCM partners with Mikrosam

Great things happening in Automated Composite Manufacturing at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials! We’ve selected Mikrosam & their US representative Composite Automation LLC to deliver an integrated ATP machine for automatic placement of dry, thermoset and thermoplastic tape.

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TuFF Material

World’s strongest short fiber composite material for metal replacement achieves aerospace properties, metal-like formability in zero-waste, fiber-to-parts pilot plant.

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CCM Capabilities

21st Century Design & Manufacturing

  • Basic Research
    Six research thrust areas describe Center interdisciplinary research in composites. Find out more
  • Product Development
    Provide products and services to the industry using state-of-the-art computer-aided technologies and leveraging our expertise in design and product development practices. Find out more
  • Engineering Services
    Four state-of-the-art laboratories for test and evaluation of advanced materials for a wide range of environments and conditions.
    Find out more
  • TUFF Innovation
    The TuFF (Tailored Universal Feedstock for Forming) feedstock consists of a highly aligned discontinuous carbon fiber preform in thin-ply format, which can be combined with thermoplastic or thermoset resins for prepreg, or used in dry form for infusion-based manufacturing processes.
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Mark your calendars for CCM CONNECTS on October 3rd at 11 AM! 🗓️

Join us for a dynamic event featuring networking, a delicious lunch, engaging poster sessions, and the latest in composite research. Register to attend -
@UDengineering @UD_CIS @UD_ECE

.@UDCCM continues as the world leader in Composites Research and Manufacturing Science with an award of $3.7M, including $700k partner cost-share, for the developing an innovative manufacturing technology enabling wind blade production using recycled and bio-derived materials.

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