Center for Composite Materials - University of Delaware

Boy Scouts: 2017 Composite Merit Badge

The University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials is proud to have hosted its annual composite merit badge program for the 4th year. Over the history of this program, we have had Scouts travel from as a far away as Long Island and Erie Pa to participate. The event is carried out over two weekends, where Scouts get to learn the fundamentals of composite materials design, processing, properties and their use in a wide variety of applications. This year, 9 boys participated in the program, getting hands on experience fabricating composites picture frames and beam structures. The highlight of the program is on the second weekend where the Scouts participate in a competition to determine whose beam structure exhibits the greatest strength to weight ratio!

UD-CCM is proud to partner with the Iron Hill Merit Badge Center in providing members of the Boy Scouts of America access to world-class research facilities and cutting edge materials technologies that will shape tomorrow’s world.

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