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Call for Abstracts

We invite you to submit an abstract by Nov 15 for Mach Conference 2019 in the category of Atoms to Armor: Multiaxial Dynamic Impact Mechanics of Ballistic Fibers and Composites and Modeling and Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interphase.

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Congratulations Amod Ogale

Congratulations Amod Ogale on being named Fellow of SAMPE. “My experiences at the University of Delaware, including my research at CCM, definitely laid the foundation for my career,” he said. “CCM developed a model of working with companies that I utilize to this day. The research that takes place at CCM is not just theoretical work; it translates to real products.”

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New Dean of College of Engineering

Levi T. Thompson joined the University of Delaware in early October as dean of the College of Engineering. It’s a homecoming for Thompson, who received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from UD in 1981.

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New MAT162 Short Course

This course will provide a comparison between available composite models in LS-DYNA for shell and solid elements, e.g., MAT2, MAT54, MAT59, & MAT162.

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2018 Student Achievement Day

The UD-CCM Annual Student Achievement Day Awards were presented on May 4, 2018, at the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials.

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Suit me up for Mars!

UD-CCM teams up with ILC Dover & NASA to deliver Z2 Spacesuits.

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UD-CCM Director named SPE Fellow

The University of Delaware’s John W. Gillespie Jr. has been named a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

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Composites Update

The CCM Composites Update is a monthly newsletter published to inform a broad range of educators, students, and professionals of the revolutionary composites research ongoing at University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials. Each issue focuses on research highlights, faculty profiles, upcoming events, and job openings, as well as important news related to our Consortium members.

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TuFF Program Review Highly Successful

On June 13, 2017, TuFF partners met with DARPA and other government agencies for a highly successful program review.
The program is on schedule, with significant accomplishments demonstrating meeting/exceeding cost and performance targets of TuFF sheets.

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High Performance Computing Studies

Drivers could be the big winners in this new study released by NCMS, BMW and the University of Delaware-Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM.) The team has completed research proving the accuracy of high speed computing for modeling and simulation, to predict the quality and effectiveness...

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CCM Capabilities

21st Century Design & Manufacturing

  • Basic Research
    Six research thrust areas describe Center interdisciplinary research in composites. Find out more
  • Product Development
    Provide products and services to the industry using state-of-the-art computer-aided technologies and leveraging our expertise in design and product development practices. Find out more
  • Engineering Services
    Four state-of-the-art laboratories for test and evaluation of advanced materials for a wide range of environments and conditions.
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Current Industry Consortium Members

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