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UD-CCM partners with Mikrosam

Great things happening in Automated Composite Manufacturing at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials! We’ve selected Mikrosam & their US representative Composite Automation LLC to deliver an integrated ATP machine for automatic placement of dry, thermoset and thermoplastic tape.

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Spring Research Reviews

Annual Research Reviews kick-off on March 4th, with presentations from students and researchers. This series is comprised of weekly overviews of the Center's research focus areas. Each weekly session consists of up to four 15-minute presentations on specific topics within a designated focus area, along with a brief Q&A session.

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UD MakerGym

Pioneering research is underway in the new UD MakerGym's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, under CCM’s Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing leadership, Associate Director, Mark Mirotznik and Assistant Director, Larry (LJ) R. Holmes, Jr.

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2019 ACE Winner

At CAMX 2019, ACMA announced UD-CCM's TuFF program as the winner for the Award for Composite Excellence (ACE) in the Infinite Possibility for Market Growth Category.

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MAT162 2020 Courses

The 2020 Progressive Composite Damage Modeling in LS-DYNA course schedule is now up! This one-day workshop provides a comparison between available composite models in LS-DYNA for shell and solid elements, e.g., MAT2, MAT54, MAT59, & MAT162. Now available as a webinar or in-house option!

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TuFF Materials

UD-CCM introduced a new fiber-based product called TuFF (Tailored Universal Feedstock for Forming) at JEC World. To learn how TuFF material will revolutionize the composites world, contact Jack Gillespie

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Composite Car Door Design

University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials collaborated with TPI Composites on the design and manufacturing of Ultra-Light Hybrid Composite Doors for commercial vehicles.

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CCM's 45th Anniversary

The Center for Composite Materials is celebrating it's 45th Year of Internationally Recognized Excellence.

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Suit me up for Mars!

UD-CCM teams up with ILC Dover & NASA to deliver Z2 Spacesuits.

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Research that is out of this world

In 2016, more than 200 student researchers and interns were involved with projects and activities at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM), where Director John Gillespie Jr. has helped establish a top facility and open-lab philosophy.

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CCM Capabilities

21st Century Design & Manufacturing

  • Basic Research
    Six research thrust areas describe Center interdisciplinary research in composites. Find out more
  • Product Development
    Provide products and services to the industry using state-of-the-art computer-aided technologies and leveraging our expertise in design and product development practices. Find out more
  • Engineering Services
    Four state-of-the-art laboratories for test and evaluation of advanced materials for a wide range of environments and conditions.
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