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Undergraduate Internships

What is the Research Intern Program?
CCM research internships offer students the opportunity to work in the University’s Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory from June through 3rd week of August. All students are invited to participate in our Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium in August. Approximately 25–30 students participate in the program each year.

How can you apply?

Click here to complete our Online Application. Note: You may qualify for the Science & Engineering Scholars program. If so, you should contact and apply through the University’s Undergraduate Research Program, indicating that you are interested in working at the Center for Composite Materials and naming Corinne Hamed as the point of contact.

What do former interns say?

  • “CCM internship provided me valuable work/research experience, and showed how material from the classroom ties into real world applications.” -Tim

  • “CCM Internship extremely positive impact on me. They taught me many new concepts and fields of science that I was previously inexperienced in.” -Nick

  • “I love this internship. CCM has taught me a lot of things about material science and engineering.” -John

  • “It’s almost been 5 months I’ve been in the US working at CCM, from day one everybody I met was so welcoming caring and generous.” -Mohamed

How will an internship benefit you?

Students participate as members of multidisciplinary teams addressing real problems; thus, summer research complements the theory of academic coursework with the practice of the laboratory. Summer internships often pave the way for internships with industry, continuation of research during the academic year, independent research, co-authoring of papers, and the opportunity for students to present their work at conferences and symposia.

On what types of projects would you work?

CCM research interns have worked on a wide variety of topics, including

  • Mechanical properties of composites from coupons to large-scale structures
  • Chemical characterization-cure behavior, dynamic properties, rheology, synthesis
  • Microscopy/spectroscopy
  • Processing
  • Prototypes
  • Design
  • Computer programming/simulations
  • Process control and sensors
  • Nondestructive inspection/signal processing

How much would you earn?

CCM research intern salaries start at $9.00/hour.

For more information about CCM’s research contact Robin Mack at, or stop by CCM for a visit. The Composites Manufacturing Science Lab is located on the corner of Delaware Ave. and Academy St. on the University of Delaware campus in Newark, DE.

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