Center for Composite Materials - University of Delaware

Research Professionals

Rob Adkinson 302-831-8897Sr. Materials & Process Engineer
Molla Ali 302-831-6928Research Technician I
MS, Khulna University, Bangladesh, Mathematics,

Specialties: Penetration mechanics, composite damage modeling.
Sanjib Chowdhury 302-831-6931Associate Scientist
PhD, Tohoku University, Japan
Mechanical Engineering

Specialties: Molecular dynamics, composite mechanics.
Joseph Deitzel 302-831-0274Senior Scientist
PhD, University of Akron

Specialties: Polymer physics, nanomaterials, high performance organic fibers, thin films and interphase
Jason Etherington 302-831-7409Composite Design Manager
CCM-Applications & Technology Transfer Laboratory

Specialties: Composite Materials development, processing, characterization, and prototyping
Bazle Z. Haque 302-831-6805Sr. Scientist
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
PhD, University of Delaware

Specialties: Penetration Mechanics, Impact Dynamics and Damage Modeling, Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Experimental and Computational Mechanics, Composite Armor Mechanics, Composite Processing and Characterization
Munetaka Kubota 302-831-0272 Research Associate II
BME, University of Delaware

Specialties: Continuous and short fiber composite fabrication and characterization; Development and analysis of out of autoclave processing of advanced composites.
Robert Morgan 302-831-0271Research Associate I
BME, University of Delaware

Specialties: Machine design of electromechanical systems, CAD, manufacturing processes and improvements
David Roseman 302-831-2765Research Associate II
BS, Telecommunications,
Pennsylvania State University

Specialties: Composite work for antenna systems and structures; designed procedures for lay-up and processess for products
Steve Sauerbrunn 302-831-6692Thermal Analysis Engineer
PhD, University of Delaware
Specialties: Thermal Analysis and Analytical Chemistry
Shashank Sharma 302-831-4095Research Associate II
MBA, University of Delaware
BS, Winona State University
Composite Materials Engineering

Specialties: Product development, Composite manufacturing and design, Material characterization & analysis
Nickolas Shevchenko 302-831-6105Manager, Composite Technology
PhD, University of Delaware

Specialties: Induction based processing of composites that contain conductive fibers and magnetic susceptors, application of composite
materials to armored vehicle design
Pavel Simacek 302-831-6454Research Associate III
PhD, University of Delaware

Specialties: Continuum mechanics, numerical methods, manufacturing process simulation
Jessica Sun 302-831-0273Research Associate II
John Tierney 302-831-0548Sr. Scientist
PhD, University of Delaware

Specialties: Composites process development (automated tow/tape placement, short fiber processing, induction lamination, autoclave processing, prepreg production), part and process conceptual design, process modeling, composite structural mechanics, CAD/FE analysis, software development and material data management.
Alex Vanarelli 302-831-1017Research Associate II
BME, University of Delaware

Specialties: Process and manufacturing design, prototyping, composite manufacturing, CAD, FEA

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