Center for Composite Materials - University of Delaware

Research Summary

Self Sensing Composites for Structural Health Monitoring

Authors: Gaurav Pandey, Erik T Thostenson, Dirk Heider


Design self-sensing composite systems.


• CNT: Carbo nanotubes
• TDR: Time domain reflectometry

Composite systems evaluated:

• CNT based syntactic foams
• CNT sheet based CFRP laminates
• Embedded wire based CFRP laminates with TDR sensing

CNT based syntactic foams

• Lightweight.
• Sense damage and strain

CNT sheet based CFRP composites

• One step manufacturing process using pre-preg rolls.
• Sense damage and strain

CFRP laminate with embedded TDR sensor

• 2-D tracking of impact location
• Repairable sensor system

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