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Research Summary

Role of Prepreg Interlayer Permeability on Void Reduction During Oven Vacuum Bag Processing of Thick Thermoplastic Composites

Authors: Danning Zhang (Ph.D MSEG), John W. Gillespie, Jr

Research Goal

• Investigate the interlayer permeability properties of prepreg stack
• Investigate the feasibility of manufacturing thick TP laminates through OVB processing
• Investigate the volatile removal based on diffusion and interlayer permeability mechanisms

Thermoplastic Composites and Oven Vacuum Bag (OVB) Processing

• High performance thermoplastic composites (TPCs) as primary structural materials
• OVB processing - potential cost effective alternative of autoclave
• Void dynamics and consolidation mechanisms are not fully understood!

Void Volatile Removal Governs Void Reduction

In-Plane Air Permeability of TP Prepreg Stacks - Experimental Set-Up

Directionally Dependent In-Plane Air Permeability

Results of In-plane Air Permeability Parameters

Consolidation Experiments for Thick and Thin Laminates

Void Results

Non-Isothermal Diffusion with Real Temperature Profile

Characteristic Time



• Faculty Advisor: Prof. J. W. Gillespie, Jr.
• Committee Members: Prof. Suresh. G. Advani, Prof. Dirk. Heider, Prof. Michael Mackay
• CCM Researchers and Technician:
Pavel Simacek, John Tierney, John Thiravong
• Funding: EADS

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