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Research Summary

Experimental Characterizations of Quasi-Static Punch Shear and Crush Behaviors of Multi-Axial Warp-Knitted Composites

Authors: Zhe Gao, Gaoming Jiang, Bazle Z. (Gama) Haque


Reveal the quasi-static punch shear and quasi-static punch crush damage behaviors of multi-axial warp-knitted (MAWK) E-glass/SC15 composites.
• Analyze the influences given by support span to punch diameter ratio (SPR), sequence and thickness in the tests
• Investigate the damage modes and damage morphology of the composites.

Structure of MAWK

Quasi-Static Punch Shear (QS-PST) & Quasi-Static Punch Crush (QS-PCT) Experimental Fixtures

QS-PST & QS-PCT Damage Mechanisms

Morphology Investigation


• In the Load vs. Displacement curve of QS-PST, the maximum load is closely followed by the platform-type stepped failure drop. This trend reflects the tension-shear mode during the penetration.
• In the case of QS-PST SEM images, the damage became serious and the tension-shear mode is more typically presented as the increase of SPR.
• Damage modes in QS-PCT are also sensitive to composites sequence and thickness. High stiffness on the impact surface of 4L specimen is observed.


• Dr. Bazle Z. (Gama) Haque, UD-CCM
• Dr. Gaoming Jiang, Jiangnan University
• Molla Ahammad Ali, UD-CCM
• Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. JUSRP51404A)

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