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Research Summary

Evacuation of Volatiles from Co-Cured Sandwich Panels

Authors: Pavel Simacek and Suresh G. Advani

Modeling Approach to Predict Co-cured Sandwich Panel Quality

Predicted Pressure Within Core

Volatile Transport: Meso-scale Vs. Macro-scale

Relation (“Scaling”) Between Meso-scale And Network Model

Layout Variations In Meso-scale Model


• Network Macro-Scale Model for Air Evacuation was developed

• It Provides Pressure and Volume in Each Cell As a Function of Time

• Conductivity Values in Macro-Scale Model Were Related to Material Properties by Mesoscale Model

• Micro-Scale Model Can be Coupled with Mesoscale Network. Predictions are sensitive to changes at the microscale level.

Future Work

• Integration with Models for Adhesive Flow and Volatile Generation
• Adaptation to Different Boundary Conditions
• Study of the Impact of Localized Variations
• Experimental Verification


This work is supported by NASA
through “A Physics-Based Process Model for the Co-Cure of Honeycomb Core Sandwich Structures” program.

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