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2022 Research Reviews

The annual Research Reviews comprise of weekly overviews of CCM’s research focus areas with presentations on topics ranging from composites process modeling, interface characterization, thermoplastic composites, micromechanics of composites, additive manufacturing and many more. The Research Reviews are free and open to the public, and speakers include graduate students, post-docs, research associates, affiliated faculty members and invited speakers from the government and industry.

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March 10th
TuFF Material and Process Characterization for Forming

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dr. Thomas Cender
Senior Scientist
Characterization of TuFF Forming Limits
Dr. Tekin Ozdemir
Postdoctoral Researcher
A Methodologic Approach to Improve Recycled Fiber Quality Prior to Processing Recycled Short Fibers in the TuFF Line
Hendry Fidlow
Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Suresh G. Advani Extensional Viscosity of Highly Aligned Discontinuous Fiber Composites in Stretch Forming Processes


March 17th
Environmental Durability of Composites Used In Ground Vehicles

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dr. Sagar M. Doshi
Associate Scientist
Durability of S2-Glass/Epoxy Composites
Paul Samuel, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr.

Verification of Analysis Tools: Modeling of Impact Damage in S-2 Glass/Epoxy Composites
Alex Schneider
Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Joseph M. Dietzel Characterization of Environmental Effects on Epoxy Resin/S2 Glass Interface via Pullout Testing

March 24th
Carbon/Carbon Composites

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dr. Laure Moretti
Postdoctoral Researcher
Numerical Simulation of the Degradation Process During the Manufacture of Carbon/Carbon Composites
Faheem Muhammed, Ph.D.M.S.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Mark Mirotznik

Kinetics Driven Approach to Understanding Void Formation During Carbonization
Tania Lavaggi, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Suresh G. Advani Correlation of the Gas Permeability of Carbon/Carbon Composites with the Porosity Development as a Function of the Pyrolysis Schedule

March 31st
Process Modeling

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dr. Pavel Simacek
Research Associate III
Modeling Transport Phenomena in Liquid Composite Molding: Coupled Approach
Dr. Navid Niknafs Kermani
Postdoctoral Researcher
Experimental Validation of Co-Cure Process of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures Simulation: Adhesive Fillet Shape and Bond-Line Porosity
Sophie Sharafi, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Suresh G. Advani A Multiscale Modeling Approach of the Fused Filament Fabrication Process to Predict the Mechanical Response of 3D Printed Parts

April 14th
Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Munetaka Kubota, MSME/MBA, Ph.D.M.E
Materials Engineer
Performance of Functionally Graded S-2 Glass/Epoxy Composites for Armor Applications
Dr. Sanjib Chowdhury
Strain Rate Dependent Cohesive Traction laws for Glass Fiber-Epoxy Interphase using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Dr. Ahmad AbuObaid
Associate Scientist
Investigation of Spatial Distributions of Defects in Brittle Fibers
Molla Ali
Research Technician I
Micro Punch Crush Test of Unidirectional Composite Ribbons at Sub- Millimeter Length Scale


April 21st
Experimental Characterization of Composites; Closed Loop Recycling of Composites

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dr. Steve Sauerbrunn
Thermal Analysis Engineer
A Study on the Effect of Relative Humidity and Water Immersion on the Glass Transition of Composites by DMA
Dr. Ali Ayten
Visiting Researcher
A Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Progressive Damage Modelling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites
Dr. Aydin Gunes
Visiting Researcher
Closed Loop Recycling of CRRP into Highly Aligned, High Performance Short Fiber Composites Using the TuFF Process: Fiber Recovery Through Pyrolysis
Uday Kiran Balaga, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Suresh G. Advani and Dr. Dirk Heider Demonstration of a Closed-Loop Recycling of Short Fibers Using Elium 188 O Resin


April 28th
Thermoplastic Composites

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dr. Nithin Kaliyath Parambil
Postdoctoral Researcher
Crystallization Dependent Residual Stress Development in Thermoplastic Composites
Branndon Chen, Ph.D.M.S.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr. Development and Effects of Buckling in Thermoplastic Fiber Composites
Lukas Fuessel, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr. Tow Steering of Stretchable TuFF Thermoplastic Tape with Laser Tape Placement
Mukund Kabra, Ph.D.Ch.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Christopher J. Kloxin Development of Dual Stage, Photocurable Resin


May 5th
Applications of Composites in Orthotics; Additive Manufacturing of Composites

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Alex Vanarelli, M.M.E.
Composites Design Manager
Optimization of a Thin Composite Buckling Column with Floating Lateral Constraint
Shashank Sharma, M.B.A.
Research Associate II
Carbon Fiber Footplate(s) to Enhance Foot Orthoses and Gait Rehabilitation
Soyeon Park, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Kun Fu 3D Printing for Structured Electrodes of Li-ion Batteries
Chunyan Zhang, Ph.D.M.S.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Kun Fu Additive Manufacturing of Recycled Carbon Fiber/Thermoset Composites


May 19th
Multifunctional Applications of Composites

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Dae Han Sung, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Erik T. Thostenson Interfacial Study of Electrophoretically Deposited Carbon Nanotube Composite Film in Hierarchical Polymer Composites
Sandra Milev, Ph.D.C.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Jovan Tatar

Materials Characterization of FRP Composite Seismic Retrofits After Long Term Service in Subartic – Alaskan Environment
Amit Chaudhari, Ph.D.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. Erik T. Thostenson Carbon Nanocomposite Sensor for Remote Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Pipeline
William Manning, M.M.E.
Graduate Student
Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr. and Dr. Joseph M. Deitzel An Investigation of Small Molecule Penetrants into Transparent Adhesives


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