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2020 Research Reviews

The CCM Spring Research Review series begin March 4th. This series is comprised of weekly overviews of CCM’s research focus areas. Each weekly session consists of up to four 15-minute presentations on specific topics within a designated focus area, along with a brief Q&A session. The Research Reviews, which are free and open to the public, are held every Wednesday at 11:30am in 106 CMSL through May 2020. Speakers include graduate students, post-docs, research associates, and affiliated faculty members, as well as invited speakers from Government and Industry.

Lunch is provided for attendees.

The current Research Review Presentation schedule is displayed below:

Processing Science

Wednesday, March 4 | 11:30am

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Chris Blackwell 
Graduate Student
Mechanical Engineering
Suresh Advani, Ph.D. Consolidation of Prepregs around corners during Autoclave Processing
Navid Niknafs Kermani
Graduate Student
Mechanical Engineering
Suresh Advani, Ph.D. Porosity Simulation in the Co-cure of Sandwich Structures: coupling effects of physical phenomena in the processing of sandwich structures on the final bond-line porosity.
Pavel Simacek
Research Associate III
Suresh Advani, Ph.D. Lessons learned from the development of a multi component, fully coupled process model for sandwich panel consolidation
Andrii Tiurkin
Graduate Student
Suresh Advani, Ph.D. Optimization Techniques and Methodology to characterize 3D Permeability of Preforms


Modeling & Simulation

Wednesday, March 11 | 11:30am

Presenter Advisor Presentation Title
Bazle Z. Haque 
Senior Scientist
John W. Gillespie, Jr., Ph.D. Micromechanical modeling of tension and punch shear of unidirectional composites
Christopher Meyer
Graduate Student
Mechanical Engineering
John W. Gillespie, Jr., Ph.D.
Bazle Z. Haque, Ph.D.
Impact of Woven Composites: Mesoscale Mechanisms and Modeling
Sanjib Chowdhury
Associate Scientist
John W. Gillespie, Jr., Ph.D. Molecular Modeling of Silica-Epoxy Interphase with Monolayer Silane
Jejoon Yeon
Postdoctoral Researcher
John W. Gillespie, Jr., Ph.D.
Sanjib Chowdhury, Ph.D.
Parameterization of ReaxFF Potential of Al/Si/O/Mg interaction for S-glass using Genetic-Algorithm assisted Artificial Neural Network

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