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2017 MACH Conference

Call for Abstracts Extended to January 5th
Modeling and Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interphase
Sanjib C. Chowdhury (UD), Timothy W. Sirk (ARL) and John W. Gillespie Jr. (UD)

This session is seeking papers on fiber-matrix interphase of composites. Topics include (but not limited to)

  • Modeling (particular interest is in molecular modeling and design of composite interphase)
  • Processing and synthesis of interphase
  • Characterization of structure and thermo-mechanical properties of interphase
  • High strain rate response of interphase
  • Visualization of interphase failure

Transverse Impact of Ballistic Fibers, Yarns and Laminates
Subramani Sockalingam (USC), John W. Gillespie, Jr., (UD) Tusit Weerasooriya (ARL)

High performance polymer fibers such as Kevlar and Dyneema are used in ballistic impact applications in the form of flexible textile fabrics and composite laminates. Ballistic impact onto these materials is a complicated multi-scale problem due to the hierarchical multiscale architecture, anisotropic material behavior, multiaxial loading, statistical fiber failure, projectile geometry and others. A fundamental understanding of the dynamic fiber response and fiber-level mechanisms during impact are needed in order to design next generation fibers with enhanced properties and improved energy absorption mechanisms. Capturing real time information at the fiber (micron) length scale during impact is challenging due to small length scales and time scales. This symposium invites talks focused on fiber properties, microstructure, failure mechanisms, modeling and experiments of these materials at different length scales relevant to impact loading. 

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