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NASA Virtual Summer Internships

The University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (CCM) is one of the recipients of a NASA University Leadership Initiative (ULI) award for composite used in the Urban Air Mobility market and is a member of the NASA team for development of composite space suits for the Artemis initiative. The links provide some background on these projects.

NASA has virtual Summer Internship opportunities available that provide unique NASA related experiences for undergraduate and graduate students. Internship opportunities are only open to U.S. citizens who have at least a 3.0 GPA.

If you are interested in applying, please inform Prof. John W. Gillespie, Jr. Please provide your resume so that we can inform our NASA program managers. We will also consider you for undergraduate research opportunities here at CCM.

Students can view internship opportunities across all NASA centers and apply to all those that they are interested in, indicating you learned of the opportunity through UD Center for Composite Materials. Usually there are many opportunities available and be aware that many of these opportunities tend to be posted later in February. It helps for students to recheck for opportunities in late February.

The summer 2021 application deadline for students is March 5, 2021, but it is recommended to begin the process early.

The summer session dates are typically June 7 – August 13 or June 21 – August 27 and can be adjusted based on mentor and student discussions.

Applications can be accessed either from NASA Stem Engagement or NASA Internship Applications.

If you have any questions, contact the NASA Center where you wish to intern. See contacts at HERE.

Once you have applied, please email Kristen Scully the Project Title(s) and Center(s) you applied to.

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