It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 9th International Conference on Textile Composites (TEXCOMP9), to be held at the University of Delaware from October 13 through 15, 2008. The goal of TEXCOMP is to promote knowledge in the field of textile composites throughout the world. By bringing together scientists and engineers active in a variety of disciplines, the conference provides a dedicated forum for discussions and reports on recent advances in textiles and their composites.

This is the ninth conference in this series, which started in 1992 in Leuven, Belgium, chaired by Professor Ignaas Verpoest. The conference has rotated between Europe, Asia and North America in the intervening years. TEXCOMP has an international audience, attracting world leading researchers in composite materials.
The scope of the conference includes the following areas:
  • Mechanical design and modelling
  • Advanced manufacturing processes
  • Net-shape 3D textile preforms
  • Nano-fibres and composites
  • Elastic and failure behaviour
  • Process simulation and control
  • Textile modelling
  • Industrial applications and case studies
We sincerely hope you will decide to join us as we advance and expand the science and engineering of the textile composites industry.Suresh G. Advani and
John W. Gillespie, Jr.
Chairmen, TEXCOMP-9

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