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Laminas represent a single ply and is comprised of a series of constituent materials and architecture. The user first creates a lamina to populate the database with an entry. The materials and microstructure are then selected and properties are then generated automatically.

Right click functions:

New lamina: Creates a new blank lamina at the end of the database. The lamina input table is also populated with a new row that requires selection of the appropriate materials needed to create a lamina.

Rename: renames the selected lamina

Duplicate lamina: Duplicates the selected lamina or laminas. If the laminas menu tree is right clicked, all laminas are duplicated. All duplicated laminas are renamed with a "copy" prefix to identify them as a copy of an existing lamina and not confuse the user with another lamina may be used in a laminate or analysis

Add Lamina to Materials: Adds the selected lamina or laminas to the materials library. The new materials will be populated with all properties generated by the lamina analysis. All other properties not generated within CDS3.0 are given a value of zero.

Delete Lamina(s): Deletes the selected lamina or laminas

Load: Splits the window into two sections and opens a dialog box. Open a previously saved file and the data from that fill will be loaded into the top section. The user can then select any or all items and load them into the current environment.

Save Selected: Saves the selected item to a spreadsheet file. The created file is tab delimited and can be opened in notepad or Microsoft  Excel. If the file is saved with a *.xls extension then the file will be loaded into Microsoft Excel by default.

Export: Depending on the selected entity the data may be exported in a format that can be then read into a commercial FEA environment such as Abaqus or Ansys. 

Depending on what section is right clicked some or all of the above options are disabled. These items are also disabled if the user does not have the appropriate license file installed. Demonstration mode greatly limits what right click functions are available.